Friday, October 12, 2012

0 Pumpkin Carving

Howdy! Paisley Texan here and excited to share our pumpkins we carved this year.  Yes, we actually bought AND carved our pumpkins BEFORE  Halloween this year.  {That is a big feat for us it seems ;)}  So, Tuesday morning Mr. Texan asked me if I'd like to go to the local farmers market, Di Iorio Farms, and buy our pumpkins for this year.  I was surprised and couldn't believe that I didn't think of it first {actually I'm not surprised, he is really good about thinking of those little things that tend to slip my mind in the blessed chaos that is my day to day}.  And off to Di Iorio's we head.  I have to add, there is something about pulling into the farmer's market, it's almost like going to a thrift store to me, can't wait to see what good deal I'm going to find today. 

So, the pumpkins we picked out were the ones on the 2 for $4.99 table {I think, I know the number was around there somewhere}.  We got all 4 of our pumpkins for no more than $10 give or take a buck or two.  Much better price than what you might find at the local grocery store, so if you have a farmer's market close, take advantage.  Before we left, I of course had to swing by the dollar table.  There was a lot on the table, but nothing I was interested in that day.  {That's probably my favorite part of our farmer's market.  I'm a sucker for a deal.}

Here is a gorgeous shot of the sunset on our drive home.

Look at that Sunset!

The next day we prepared to carve our pumpkins around lunchtime.  Last year, after Halloween, I found some pumpkin carving tools on major clearance at a kitchen store in the mall in College Station.  When I say major clearance, they were marked down to .88 cents from $10.99.  Like I said, a sucker for a deal.  We were so pleased with that purchase this year.  They are heavy duty and not the plastic tools they sell in the grocery store for too much money.  They worked like a charm!

These things mean business!

Mr. Texan got the pumpkins cut open, and he enlisted our oldest daughter to help clean out the "innards".  She actually enjoyed it, our little tomboy.  While he got them all prepared, I went in search of the perfect carving template for the girls and for myself.  I'm a little {okay a lot} more picky than they are, so that became a too long ordeal.  Our oldest picked this Super Cute Spider, and I picked out this Totally Cute Cat for the baby.  I must say, both turned out beautifully. 

Totally Cute Cat
Super Cute Spider

After we got the pumpkins carved for the girls, it was nap time for them and then Mr. Texan and I planned our attack for our pumpkins.  We both love carving our pumpkins.  I think a lot of it is the nostalgia behind it and the other is seeing what you can create with you own two hands.  I finally found the perfect template for me, I bet you can't guess what I picked...I found the perfect paisley template on Better Homes & Gardens website {I was super giddy, excited when I found it}, they have some other great non-halloweenish templates too, so take some time to browse. 

Paisley for The Paisley Texan

So, Mr. Texan disappeared for a while {a long while}, during the time I decided to separate the guts of the pumpkin from the seeds.  I'd like to attempt roasting the seeds this year {last year didn't go as planned}.  This could potentially be a future blog post...Anyway, Mr. Texan comes in after his long while and is holding an amazing piece of art, I have no idea where he found the template, but it was amazing!  Here is his awesome pumpkin, bet you can't guess who we root for in these here parts.

Gig 'em!
So, now that you've seen our awesome pumpkins, I'll leave you with a few more pictures of them all lit up at night.  Hope you all enjoy your pumpkin carving festivities this year, and let me know if you need any ideas or help with templates.  I'd be happy to help you search for your perfect one :)

Y'all stay tuned and see what The Paisley Texan Creates next...

Loves and Hugs!


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